Canoe Tour 5

Zeuthen - Neue Mühle - Zeuthen 18 km

Thursday 29th July, early in the morning, Jeremy and I set off in the S-Bahn (S-46) from Heidelberger Platz to Zeuthen where the Pouch Faltboot is.

After having a quick coffee in Zeuthen, we were on the water in McPaddle by 9 o’clock.

We followed the Dahme Wasserstraße South.

Passed under the A10.

Saw an osprey (Fishadler) over our heads.

Got to the lock at Neue Mühle. Waited a while for the boats travelling downstream to exit before we could enter the lock.

After the lock, we ventured East into the “Klein Venedig” of the region along a small canal only for non-motorised boots.

A magical, idyllic and quiet part of the tour.

Got into open waters where the strong wind forced us to take the quiet canal back. Asked a local about where to have coffee who said that everything has closed down.

A bit dismayed about that we decide to head back to the lock. Just before reaching it, we asked some more locals about a coffee place. Another overheard us and directed us south to the Strandbad.

We finally had found a place to eat and tie the boot.

Replenished and observing the dark clouds over our heads we then decided to head back to Zeuthen.

It did not rain and we got back safe and sound.

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